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Our Mission

On a mission to provide clarity for all of life's financial decisions.
Our tools and advice make it easy to expertly pay off debt, choose the best financial products and services (think credit cards and insurance) and tackle major life goals, like buying a house and saving for retirement.

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More than 250 instruments with $30 minimum deposit for your ultimate trading


Determine the probabilities of future price events with the most dynamic financial instrument..


Assetcapitalhive, the largest online store of trading robots and technical indicators

we have a secure service from where you can purchase trading robots, technical indicators, and scripts. The world's largest store of applications for financial trading can be accessed from the Market tab of your trading platform or on the website. Find a trading robot with the most desired characteristics and start trading using the purchased application right away.

  • 2 position accounting systems
  • Advanced Market Depth
  • 2 market orders
  • 2 stop orders

Integrated trading strategies

Trade the markets like a professional.

Trading System strategies include potential trade entry and exit points on charts. Choose from over 100 templates and customise them based on your requirements or create your own in C#, .NET and Visual Basic with our Development Studio. .

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